ASP.NET Core and

Changed my mind…


Months ago I was writing about my new project ( Then there was a key moment in my development process. I was asked by an industry veteran, why do I write all the backend code in PHP? Well, I had no good answer. Stumbling around and said, it is familiar to me and jQuery and the Laravel framework is a step in the right direction. Using something that has been established in the community and has a lot of features you need to have during the development process. Well, ASP.NET exists since 2002 and you can use a programming language like C#, nothing script based. Then I figured out that the feature set was very close to the Laravel framework. Both frameworks have very clean solutions for the most tasks you need to have to build todays web apis.

  • Data storage (MySQL, PostgreSQL…)
  • Database migrations
  • Fluent api to do database queries
  • Template language to generate html code
  • Code generation (Scaffolding)
  • MVC to build RESTful apis
  • Build pipeline to bundle client side stuff
  • Localization
  • And much more

It is interesting how close Laravel framework is compared to ASP.NET.


I started to work with ASP.NET Core, the latest framework. Which will also work on other platforms, not just windows. That was a good start, because my previous framework solution has the same benefit. On the backend there was no free mysql support, that’s why I switched to ms sql. The sql express version of Microsoft should be enough. It was pretty expressive how fast I was able to do a complete rewrite of the checklist application. I also switched the client side api from a mixture of backbone.js and jQuery to and TypeScript. And all that stuff works with Visual Studio 2015. I am pretty happy about ASP.NET Core and my decision to give it a try. From now on I will write all my web applications with ASP.NET Core and maybe as well 😉