A new web project…

Long time no see,

lately I’m working on a new web project in my spare time. I really have to say, there was and still is a huge change in web development. I started to write web pages… uhm, was it in the last century? Yes, I think so. Let’s say a couple of years ago. But all these possibilities that came around in the last few years, especially in the scripting area. Wow. I became a big fan of JavaScript and jQuery and those frameworks on the client side to develop complete web base tools. Currently I’m using backbone.js to organize all my models, collections and views. On the server side I’m using Laravel, an PHP framework. It is really fantastic to write applications that behave like ‘normal’ tools. In my career I wrote several of these for the games industry with C#. But this is a new experience for me. Writing a tool that works on every platform ever made, no need for installation and with a responsive design. Just great!

Here is what I’m doing… I’ve created a tool to organize my work. It turned out that it is also useful to create a list of things you have to buy for the weekend. Or just to write a wish list that can be shared with your friends or family.

I’ve created a small list for you… Just for the case you want to figure out what other software and frameworks I’m using on that project. frameworks